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Our Services

We are a subcontractor responsible for the implementation of mechanical and electrical (“M&E”) systems in new building developments and major additions and alterations (“A&A”) works.

Our scope of work includes the design of various M&E systems, and the building and installation of these systems. The installation of M&E systems include key systems such as those related to:

  1. electrical-based systems such as lightings, switchgears and generators;
  2. communication and security systems such as CCTV and card access systems; and
  3. telephone cabling systems.

Design and Build

Mechanical and Electrical works

Subcontracted Mechanical and Electrical works

Code of Practice on Buildability

Depending on the requirements of our customers, the M&E scope of works may require us to design all the contracted M&E systems’ functionality and connectedness (as opposed to executing the installation of M&E systems from drawings provided by the owner of the building development). We have more than ten employees with Design and Build capabilities who have been involved in aggregate more than ten Design and Build projects. 

Taking on the design-related scope of works would require us to have the Design and Build capability, which encompasses:

  1. understanding the requirements for the building development, such as the specific M&E systems that are to be installed for different rooms and facilities within the building;
  2. providing the design drawings and data to clearly show the functionality and connectedness of the M&E systems; and
  3. ensuring that the implementation of the design drawings is within the estimated costs and project schedule.

All our projects include installations of electrical-based systems as that is our area of specialisation. Our project team comprises over 220 employees, led by our Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Tay Yong Meng.  Electrical-based systems encompass all electrical components and connections to provide electricity safely to the requisite systems throughout the building, including to mechanical-based systems. This will include the installations of some or all of the following:

  1. switchboards and switchgears, including the circuit breakers, meters, protection devices, cables and cable boxes;
  2. generators, including the standby generator system with the requisite exhaust piping and draining, and fuel tanks;
  3. cabling system to connect from the power grid to switchboards within the building;
  4. circuit wiring for lightings;
  5. lightings system, including light fittings, emergency lightings, lightings located at the building façade;
  6. ceiling and wall fans, including switches, regulators and safety devices;
  7. uninterruptible power supply systems such as CCTV system, security access control system and public address system;
  8. telephone cabling system, including cables, conduits and relevant accessories and equipment;
  9. information technology system, including cabling system for servers and data outlets;
  10. car parking system, including entry and exit points controlled by microprocessors, cash card readers and the related data communication system;
  11. security system, including the abovementioned uninterruptible power supply systems, contactless card readers, door controlling system, emergency breakglass system (as the case may be);
  12. CATV system, including coordination with telecommunications service providers for the inspection of the cables and the television outlets; and
  13. lightning protection system, including the required earthing system.

We subcontracted certain scope of works mainly in relation to air-conditioning and mechanical ventilation systems, and fire protection systems.  While we possess ME01 ‘‘Air-conditioning, refrigeration and ventilation works’’ workhead and ME06 ‘‘Fire prevention and protection systems’’ workhead, and therefore have the requisite technical personnel who hold the required mechanical engineering qualification and experience, we do not have a team of onsite workers dedicated for such installation works as our existing workers' experience is mainly in the area of electrical engineering. The aforementioned subcontracted M&E works include the installations of some or all of the following:

  1. air-conditioning system, including air-conditioning units, refrigerant pipework and drainage work, and the requisite insulation and fittings;
  2. mechanical ventilation system, including exhaust air fans;
  3. fire protection system, including fire alarm panels, heat detectors, fire sprinkler systems, fire hosereel system, fire hydrant system, clean gas total flooding system; and
  4. the Design and Build, and/or the installations of the abovementioned systems including the requisite power supply and control system.

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